What Israel Means to Me: Michael A. Leven

What Israel Means to Me: Michael A. Leven

Here’s what the Georgia Aquarium CEO has to say as we celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday.

Michael A. Leven
Michael A. Leven

What does the state of Israel mean to me? Since 1948, it means pride in Israel’s success as a democracy, as a military, as scientists, as technological achievers, as a home for Jewish people who were either forced to leave another country or chose to live in a democratic Jewish state — all of this and more.

Michael Leven

Israel means that the Jewish people have their own place now and forever. Israel means that we are free to be Jews wherever we are. Israel means that no matter what happens, there will be Jews to live, to learn, to contribute to not only ourselves, but also to the world around us.

All of us should support Israel in every way we can — financially, emotionally, in our homes and in our social environments. We should acknowledge through our efforts that Israel is the insurance policy guaranteeing our survival, and we should not involve ourselves in dictating Israeli politics. Leave that to Israelis; they can handle it!

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