South Carolina Summer at Camp Thunderbird

South Carolina Summer at Camp Thunderbird

YMCA Camp Thunderbird serves ages 7 to 16

Provided by Camp Thunderbird

Are you ready to soak up summer? YMCA Camp Thunderbird offers an exciting summer retreat for boys and girls ages 7 to 16. The overnight residential camp is on 1.7 miles of pristine South Carolina shoreline with plenty of fun in the sun on Lake Wylie. We provide a safe, action-packed experience where kids can make new friends and memories that last a lifetime.

“T-H-U-N-D-E-R-B-I-R-D. Thunderbird, Thunderbird is where I like to be!”
A big part of camp life includes the chants, cheers and songs that help kids vocalize their pride and excitement. When kids attend YMCA Camp Thunderbird, they join of a legacy of future leaders that dates back almost 80 years. Our traditions and adventures inspire campers of all ages to grow mentally, physically, spiritually and socially. The lasting friendships and memories they make help shape their paths in life.
It’s a chance to make a fresh start and cultivate new friendships. Our campers represent many states and several countries, giving everyone the chance to meet individuals from different communities and cultures. These relationships develop, change and deepen as our campers come back each summer.

With all the activities we offer, campers expect to be sore — in a good way. Often, over half of their waking hours are spent outside, exploring land and water excursions. Their arms may ache a little from holding the wakeboard rope steady or wielding an oar in the water, and their calves may burn a little after playing tennis — but they’ll hardly notice, we promise. These outdoor activities exert the body and the mind so kids go to bed tired and happy, but not before a few giggles break out around the campfire.

We encourage kids to find their wings and soar to new heights. Some grow by conquering fears; others thrive with newfound independence and the autonomy to make decisions away from parents and siblings. The Thunderbird experience is more than just a plateful of activities. Campers practice courtesy and respectfulness in a common environment. That means making the bed, cleaning up the cabin and taking turns setting the dinner table. This responsibility encourages self-sufficiency, setting kids up for long-term success away from the nest.

Campers are likely to find mud on the soles of their feet after a day in and out of the water. They sprint around the baseball diamond, run to safety during laser tag and float across the dance floor with pride and passion. Campers also nurture their creativity through artistic pursuits like drama, arts and crafts, and pottery. Body and mind get a workout here.

The weeks they spend at YMCA Camp Thunderbird are a time to invest in their souls. It’s an opportunity to uncover what makes them tick and thrive, revealing the qualities that contribute to personal and spiritual growth. Campers feed their souls by unplugging from technology and getting to know the great outdoors. Rather than focusing on screens and social media, they share their stories face to face, developing personal relationships with friends and counselors. In the process, they better understand themselves.

Come see what all the fun is about this summer at YMCA Camp Thunderbird. Find out more information and check out the lakeside campus at the Camp Thunderbird open house Sunday, April 12, from 1 to 4 p.m., 1 Thunderbird Lane, Lake Wylie, S.C. 29710, or visit

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