New Interns Assist Chabad Intown’s Outreach

New Interns Assist Chabad Intown’s Outreach

Rabbi Zalman and his wife, Chaya will help promote programming for Jewish young adult professionals.

Rachel Fayne

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Rabbi Zalman Goldberg and his wife, Chaya, have traveled the world in their work with Chabad.
Rabbi Zalman Goldberg and his wife, Chaya, have traveled the world in their work with Chabad.

The Goldbergs are the newest addition to the Chabad Intown staff, and the couple’s shared desire to invigorate the young adult community hits close to home for them.

Rabbi Zalman Goldberg and his wife, Chaya, are in their 20s. They plan to bring their experience with Jewish outreach from all over the world to Atlanta’s intown community.

The past 10 months took the couple to seven states, six countries and five continents; they volunteered everywhere from Israel, where they worked in a hospital with Israeli backpackers, to Australia, where they assisted smaller Jewish communities.

The couple asked whether Chabad Intown needed any help in the coming year while the Goldbergs looked for a long-term Chabad location, and Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman decided they could temporarily fill a need in the community.

The couple’s goal the next 12 months is to gain the experience they need to open a Chabad house in a yet-unknown location. They will spend the year as interns networking with young professionals at events, inviting people over for Friday night dinners, and looking for a space somewhere in the country to apply their experience.

Rabbi Schusterman said he has no doubt they will be an asset to Chabad Intown, and the Goldbergs are grateful for the opportunity. They are working on young adult programs for Chanukah and trying to find new ways to reach people in the community who have not attended Chabad events.

Although the Goldbergs don’t necessarily plan to be Atlanta residents for the long term, they plan to learn all they can from Rabbi and Dena Schusterman and the intown community.

“We’re here to serve the intown community and young professionals,” Chaya Goldberg said. “We look forward to enhancing the already thriving establishment that is Chabad Intown. We’re looking forward to meeting the wonderful people of the neighborhood.”

She added, “We’d also like to find somewhere for kosher pizza.”

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