Mike Leven on Forgiveness
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Mike Leven on Forgiveness

Mike Leven is chairman and CEO of the Georgia Aquarium.

A while ago I asked a rabbi what is the Jewish concept of forgiveness? His answer was teshuvah. What is that? And he answered, “First you admit your wrong. Second you apologize and third you promise not to do it again. Thus you are either forgiven for the wrongdoing or you gain forgiveness for yourself for your misdeed.”

I then asked the rabbi: Can someone like Adolf Eichmann gain forgiveness?  His answer was “no.” The difference is the heinous nature of the misdeed.

So, if you want to be forgiven, know that you must make your mistakes measurable enough to gain or give forgiveness. If they are damaging enough, they cannot be forgiven. That means think before you act and judge yourself to avoid that action that cannot be undone.

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