Life at Home During a Pandemic

Life at Home During a Pandemic

Student describes what it’s like to study and be stuck at home with the family around the clock.

Elliott Levine
Elliott Levine

Hello, I am a 13-year-old boy going to Dickerson Middle School. I wrote a reflection on the world’s current situation from my point of view at home. In my editorial comments, I shared what it feels like to be a teenager living in quarantine:

While at school sitting in my desk bored as ever, I wondered how amazing school would be in the comfort of my home. Little did I know these wishes would come true. Enter Coronavirus 2020. Sitting at my desk in homeroom is how I would normally start my school day, but now I start by rolling out of my bed and falling on the floor. Instead of homeroom, I sit down at my computer ready to start my long day of homework. I am working at my computer calmly because there is no teacher to look over my shoulder to announce to read #18 correctly on the math test. I chuckle to myself realizing that I need to change my answer and go back to work on the equation.

Oh, how the days are different now. They are shorter at the start, but then they just keep on going until it is time for dinner. “Boys, dinner.” My mom calls. Me and my brother rush down the stairs to see what we are going to eat tonight. “Ugh, Brussels sprouts, we both say together.” After dinner, SURPRISE, more homework. After dinner, I go to my locker, aka the floor of my room, to return my books and binders. Then, it is time for bed. I finally relax only to realize I have to do this for over a month more. This is what normal school is like during a pandemic.

I love gummy worms! However, when I eat too many, I get tired of them. That is a lot like my family. I love them, but when I am around them 24/7/365 they just get annoying. In the house there are three interesting characters and one cute pet. My dad, a short, … well, no-haired funny and helpful person who will do just about anything to go scuba diving again. After the quarantining, my dad is going to teach me how to scuba dive and how to get certified, but in the meantime were forced to be close to each other. I just cannot take his work calls and “The Bert Show” being constantly played in the background. Every time I go downstairs, I hear it playing every day, every minute, every hour. And, if “The Bert Show” is not on, I know he is on a work call and I must be quiet, and well, … I am not a quiet person.

But, one exciting thing we did was we put a new circuit board in our 3-D printer. So, now we can help print parts for masks to help doctors and nurses in need. My brother, Ethan, a typical teenager, camps out in his room all day with the occasional coming downstairs to get food and drinks. At least we know he is alive.

Life with him is no different during a pandemic. Keeping us all organized is my mom, a mean, lean, cleaning machine. She is in the middle of it all, making all the plans and decisions while keeping us in one piece. While doing all of that, she also manages to do her own work. Then, it is the fluffy, cute and adorable dog, Snowflake. Whenever we come downstairs, she is always there waiting for more hugs, kisses and the occasional treat. I think she loves everyone being home because she is now getting more love than ever. Being confined with my family during a pandemic is very, very, very different than I thought. But at least we get along. … Well, most of the time.

One of the hardest things about a pandemic is not being able to do things with my friends. Normally I would be able to go to their houses and do whatever, but now all I can do is go biking and fishing with them. And … while doing all of that, we have to maintain a 6- to 10-foot distance, but at least I get to see them. Now in week 4 of quarantine all I have to say is that my fantasy to be home is not as great as I imagined. To me, school at home is a dream and a curse! I am home, but I am without my friends. I have lots of free time, but nothing to do with it and school is a 24-hour class. I have also spent a lot of unwanted time with my family. It is an unreasonable demand for any teenager! My memories of the quarantine will last forever, and I will always remember the time rolling out of my bed, hitting the floor, and getting ready for my school days. Dreaming about staying home all day is no longer the paradise that people thought it would be.

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