Letters to the Editor: November 15, 2019
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Letters to the Editor: November 15, 2019

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Letter to the editor:

On behalf of our board, staff, residents and clients, thank you for featuring Jewish HomeLife in the cover story “Caring for Jewish Atlanta’s Seniors” in your Nov. 8 issue. I am hopeful your thought-provoking spotlight on all that Jewish Atlanta is doing to care for older adults will aid many Atlanta families in finding the right care for their individual needs.

As the only care network in Atlanta that offers supportive services for every stage of the aging journey, Jewish HomeLife has grown rapidly to anticipate and meet the needs of our community’s most vulnerable individuals. Regardless of income, we continually strive to offer exceptional care and the highest quality of life possible, cherishing life until the very last moment.

I was pleased to see your reporting also covered the Agewell Atlanta partnership between Jewish HomeLife, Aviv Older Adult Services of JF&CS, the MJCCA and Federation. Modeled after a similar program in Pittsburgh, we are hopeful that the community will appreciate having a single entrypoint when looking for programs and services for themselves or a loved one.

Senior housing is growing, but so is the desire to age in place. There are many communities in the metro area that provide people with means a luxurious retirement experience. But for those at other income levels who also want to retire comfortably, or who would prefer additional support in their own surroundings, Jewish HomeLife has a service or community for you. We’ve been honoring our mothers and fathers since 1951 and will continue to be here when you need us.

Harley Tabak, president and CEO of Jewish HomeLife


Letter to the editor:

I must take exception to the letter of L. Weinstein (Nov. 8) regarding Trump’s handling of anti-Semitism. Elan Carr, the Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combatting Anti-Semitism, is not the first for such a position. In fact, President Obama appointed an assistant secretary of state, a higher position in the administration, to monitor and combat anti-Semitism, Hannah Rosenthal, a former president of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs.

I was very happy to see Mr. Carr appointed, but President Trump left the position open for two years before deciding to fill it – TWO YEARS.

Moreover, the attendance at the Elan Carr program held at Atlanta Jewish Academy was not as represented in the Weinstein letter. There were well over 200 people from a number of congregations who came out to see him, including a good number of Democrats as well as Republicans.

I hosted a meeting for Mr. Carr the next day with some community leaders, and Mr. Carr again gave a good account of himself.

Harold Kirtz, Atlanta


Letter to the editor:

You cannot escape everyday news without some discussion on quid pro quo and impeachment, but it has completely overwhelmed other political news relevant to Jews, so take this time to refresh your short-term memory.

Did you know that AIPAC at its 2019 Policy Conference meeting in Washington had over 18,000 participants? In years past, candidates from each party had a moving sidewalk of candidates to woo this large donor class. This year none of the then 22 Democrat candidates showed their face on the stage to address the crowd.

In the past two weeks, J Street had its national meeting with about 2,000 attendees and four Democrat candidates appeared in person and two sent in a video of their address. J Street represents less than 10 percent of Jewish support, but is pro giving back all lands, but no quid pro quo.

Did you know that Warren, Sanders and Mayor Pete have all threatened Israel to block it from buying arms for its defense if it does not give back most if not all of their West Bank settlements to the Palestinians with no quid pro quo to recognize the state of Israel or sign a peace deal?

Do you remember when President Obama sent political consultants with tax dollars to work against the re-election of Netanyahu and interfered with our allies’ election?

Do you remember when Hollywood Progressives and Democrats called for a boycott on all movie production in Georgia over its limitations on abortion to only during the first term of pregnancy? This would have forced nearly 100,000 out of their jobs. Did you notice that the November Democratic debate will be held at Tyler Perry’s recently opened movie production studio in South Fulton? Moral outrage seems to be out of fashion when a party wants to quid pro quo a large voting bloc.

Did you know that Rep. Katie Hill resigned her Congressional seat at the behest of Nancy Pelosi and fellow Democrats when her sexual exploitation of her staff became public? No Republican asked for this but supported an ethics investigation as the rules state. Her leaving office had nothing to do with Trump, Republicans, or the famous Hillary vast right-wing conspiracy, which Katie blamed for her early exit from politics.

Jeff Kunkes, Atlanta

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