Letters to the Editor – May 8, 2015

Letters to the Editor – May 8, 2015

Standing Up for IsraelMay 8 Issue

I applaud Ambassador Marc Ginsberg (“Ambassador: Hezbollah Biggest Threat to Israel,” April 24) and Gary Kenzer (“Every Picture Could Be Telling a Fairy Tale”) for urging your readers to fight anti-Israel bias in the media. In the hope of aiding readers who might want to act, I am writing to suggest several websites at which people will find helpful information about Israel.

Both www.standwithus.com and www.stepupforisrael.com describe a variety of campus activities. Information about Israel and contact information for various publications can be obtained at www.camera.org (CAMERA is the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America). Other useful sites include www.honestreporting.com; www.factsandlogic.org, the website of FLAME: Facts and Logic About the Middle East; and www.ajc.org, the website of the American Jewish Committee.

Toby F. Block, Atlanta

In Praise of Lebow

Kudos to Rabbi Steven Lebow for his commitment to justice for Leo Frank (“Governor in Leo Frank Case to Be Honored,” April 24). Are we at long last reaching resolution of our own Dreyfus Affair? If not now, when?

Ruth M. Rados, Atlanta


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