Letters to the Editor: August 17, 2018

Letters to the Editor: August 17, 2018

These Letters to the Editor were published in the "Synagogue Guide" Issue on August 17.

The Atlanta Jewish Times welcomes your letters.
The Atlanta Jewish Times welcomes your letters.

What being Jewish means to me

I want to share my thoughts on what being Jewish means to me. I think that it is about family and our obligation to serve our community. I have been around a lot of other types of religions and I have seen the same level of commitment to family and community as I have witnessed within our own. Being Jewish and maintaining our tradition of mitzvahs is important to everyone around us, not just within the Jewish community alone.

Think about all the philanthropy our community is involved in and supports with our hard work, time and money. There are so many worthwhile causes and nonprofits that originate from the foundation we have from just being Jewish.

Claude Milner

Decatur, Ga.


What being Jewish means to me

When I think about my Jewish identity, there are two things that come straight to mind: food and family. I think about my childhood: eating my Bubbe’s homemade challah at Shabbat or her matzo ball soup at Passover. I think about my Zeidie’s latkes. I think about singing songs with my family, either at home or at services. I may not know exactly what the words mean, but I do know the words (for the most part anyway) and that feels good. Judaism is also knowing that no matter the event, whether it be a holiday or simply visiting family, I will always be offered more food than I could ever eat. I also think of the joy of sharing the customs with my friends, inviting them to Seder or cooking with them. To me, Judaism is all about connection. It’s about keeping up the traditions, practicing them with the people who already know them and sharing them with my friends who don’t. I feel especially grateful to attend a university where I don’t have to worry about being criticized for my religion, where I can feel free to share with my friends and community. These three things – food, family, connection – comprise what being Jewish means to me.

Morgan Mayback

Atlanta, Ga.

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