Letters: Thankful for HOD; Hopeful for Chanukah

Letters: Thankful for HOD; Hopeful for Chanukah

Thanks to HOD

On behalf of Jewish National Fund and one of our partners in Israel, LOTEM, we want to publicly thank the brothers of the Hebrew Order of David for their dedication to Am Yisrael.

This year HOD generously supported three organizations serving those with special needs. The Friendship Circle and Camp Living Wonders were the local foci of their fundraising. LOTEM was honored to be their focus in Israel.

LOTEM is the leading organization in Israel offering accessible hikes and educational nature activities around the country to children and adults with special needs. These include individuals with visual and hearing impairments; people with physical, intellectual and emotional challenges; and children on the autism spectrum.

Today, LOTEM is better able to bring nature into the lives of many members of those special populations. This process is not simply something nice to do, but truly a therapeutic measure to bring peace of mind and confidence to those with special needs.

Our community is blessed with an active Hebrew Order of David.  May they go from strength to strength, and may their mitzvot multiply as they shine their goodness onto others.

— Beth Gluck, executive director, Jewish National Fund, Atlanta, and Alisa Bodner, director of development, LOTEM

Chanukah Opportunity

As we commemorate Chanukah, let us overcome our political and religious differences and unify as we did at Mount Sinai when we entered into the covenant that binds all of us.

The land of Israel is our common heritage and continues to thrive despite internal disagreements and terrorism. We must confront anti-Semitism, the BDS movement and nuclear proliferation.

Our history is one of overcoming adversity and the forces of darkness. Chanukah provides an opportunity to unite as we kindle our candles. May we continue to be a light onto the nations. Am Yisrael chai.
Gail K. Ripans, Sandy Springs

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