Letter to the Editor: Hillels Statement on Israel
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Letter to the Editor: Hillels Statement on Israel

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Hillels Statement on Israel

Hillels of Georgia is heartbroken and horrified by the current escalation of violence occurring in Israel and Gaza.

We unequivocally denounce the indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israeli civilians from Hamas and other terrorist groups, and the escalation of violence and destruction by angry mobs directed against the Israeli civilian population. No sovereign nation would tolerate thousands of murderous rockets launched at their citizens. In fact, it is hard to imagine any other country being asked to tolerate one rocket launched against their cities by murderous terrorists that openly call for the death of every man, woman and child. We support Israel’s right to defend itself like any other nation.

We mourn the death of all those killed, including both innocent Israelis and Palestinians. We decry and denounce Hamas’ continued and shameful use of human shields.

We hope and pray for a ceasefire and an end to all violence soon, and for the resumption of negotiations to affect a peaceful resolution for both Israelis and the Palestinians. The conflict in the Middle East is complex. We urge you to do your own research on the background behind the current intensification of the conflict. Check your sources if you do share something on social media and be aware and vigilant of misinformation.

Israel’s right to defend herself is not an opportunity to spread anti-Semitic slander and libel; be careful not to inadvertently fall into that camp.

If you would like to learn more, our Hillel professional staff are always available for discussion and dialogue.

Elliot Karp, CEO of Hillels of Georgia

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