Letter: The Business Case for Handel
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Letter: The Business Case for Handel

If you're concerned about Georgia's economy, the choice in the 6th District is clear.

Republican Karen Handel says the Republican health care bill isn’t perfect but is an improvement.
Republican Karen Handel says the Republican health care bill isn’t perfect but is an improvement.

Gov. Nathan Deal announced June 5 that Georgia tax revenues are up 5 percent in both personal and corporate taxes, which is great news because it means business is booming in the state. Using federal and state funds, the collapse of Interstate 85 was repaired in record time and reopened more than a month before estimated.

More important for our area is that the House of Representatives has started repealing portions of the 20,000-page Dodd-Frank law, which was written by unnamed bureaucrats in multiple alphabet agencies without oversight or input from the public. This is a relief to community banks (if you do not believe this, ask Georgia Primary Bank in Buckhead and Signature Bank in Sandy Springs) because it will ease the flow of lending money to small businesses and homeowners, fueling the amazing growth on the Roswell Road and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard corridors.

Balance all that good news with the special election debates between Karen Handel, who has the support of the Chamber of Commerce and has experience bringing business to Fulton County, and pretty stiff Jon Ossoff, who runs a three-person documentary film company that has done work for Al Jazeera, which is funded by the country of Qatar, which also funds terrorism so evil that even Saudi Arabia and other Arab states are isolating it.

If Ossoff is serious about being a moderate voice who will work with both sides of the aisle, he should declare himself an independent à la Bernie Sanders and Angus King, return the 95 percent of his funding that comes from out of state, and declare himself pro-growth, pro-business and pro-jobs.

When you subtract all the noise about the bitterness over Donald Trump being president (though he is not on the ballot), whom do you really want to represent you in Congress? ​

Jeffrey Kunkes, Sandy Springs

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