Letter: Iran Should Be Focus

Letter: Iran Should Be Focus

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Recently I was sitting at my desk and going through my email when I saw on the TV news that Bin Laden-recovered documents, released during a terrorist trial in Brooklyn, showed that Iran had cooperated with Al-Qaida and that Bin Laden himself was still directing Al-Qaida operations until his death. Al-Qaida was not decimated, as the Obama administration had us think, but was well distributed throughout the Middle East, North Africa and as far as Malaysia. What’s more, only 10 percent of the Bin Laden documents have ever been examined because the administration ordered the process to be terminated, as it might jeopardize the narrative should something unfavorable turn up.

At the same time, I happened to come across the online edition of the Jewish Times. To my dismay, there was no mention of the dire situation that Israel and all Jews were being forced into by the Obama administration’s kowtowing to Iran.

I find the newspaper’s failure to inform the readership about the pre-eminent threat of a U.S.-Iran deal on Iran’s nuclear program to be inexcusable and a shocking omission.

Now Benjamin Netanyahu has spoken to Congress and AIPAC. The readership of the Jewish Times needs to be informed just what is happening and what will continue to happen if the Obama administration intends to get a deal done no matter how bad it might be.

What will that mean for Israel? Will the deal force Netanyahu and Israel to stand alone against Iran? What will happen then? What would that mean for Jews in America, for Jews here in Atlanta? Would we be gathered up again, even here in America?

I realize that this may be a bit alarmist at this point, but the possibility with this administration in power does exist. The Jewish community needs to pay attention and keep up with what is happening. We need to know about the roots of militant Islam, the differences between the Sunni and Shia, and the degree to which the Obama administration is being supportive of making Iran its partner (to the detriment of Israel and American Jews) and the controlling country in the Middle East.

The leaders of the Jewish community here in Atlanta and the Jewish Times, with its very large platform, must ensure that does not happen and that our community stays strong for Israel and each other!

Robert Levin, Marietta

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