Letter to the Editor: Influence in Israel

Letter to the Editor: Influence in Israel

To supplement the wonderful coverage of Israel in the Atlanta Jewish Times:

  • America is halachically correct for Sukkot. Throughout Jerusalem, the following sign has been seen on light poles: “Aravot from America — last longer — stand straight — stay fresh — first come first serve.” They have been grabbed up throughout the city. An entrepreneur got a license from the Agriculture Ministry to import the willow branches for lulavs.
  • On the Israeli music scene, look up the Facebook page of Ori Burg, great-grandson of lawyer Louis and Anna Geffen of blessed memory and a direct descendant of Rabbi Tobias Geffen. For three years he and several colleagues have made clips of individual songs of Israeli pop singers. Their company is called ZOA. The newest clip on Facebook is a song by Mika Hary, an Israeli singer known in the United States. Move down Ori’s page to see many more clips created by ZOA.

— Rabbi David Geffen, Jerusalem

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