Letter: A Call for a Better JCC Kosher Policy
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Letter: A Call for a Better JCC Kosher Policy

Not all the food at center events is kosher, the head of supervision for the AKC notes.

For many years the Marcus JCC, like many communal Jewish organizations, had a kosher-friendly policy on campus. The MJCC required that all programming that served food be compliant with Jewish dietary laws. The purpose of this policy was that all Jews could fully participate and be comfortable at these programs.

This is no longer the case. As a case in point, the Sukkot Farm-to-Table program in October was not in compliance with Jewish dietary laws. There was a kosher food option available, but all the demos and most of the programming were not suitable for the kosher-keeping public.

This policy change is disappointing. Of late, organizations try to be more inclusive, not less inclusive.

I encourage the MJCC to return to its previous policy of only having programs that comply with Jewish dietary laws so that all Jews are included and can fully participate.

— Rabbi Reuven Stein, director of supervision, Atlanta Kosher Commission

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