Kindling the First Menorahs With Chabad Intown

Kindling the First Menorahs With Chabad Intown

A menorah-building party at the Ponce de Leon Home Depot helped kick off Chanukah 2017.

Chabad Intown got an early start of the Chanukah season with a menorah-building party at the Home Depot on Ponce de Leon Avenue near Ponce City Market in Midtown.

An estimated 300 people turned out for two sessions of hammering, gluing and painting chanukiot, as well as face painting and feasting on latkes and doughnuts. It was the first of more than half a dozen Chabad Intown celebrations for Chanukah this year.

See our Chanukah event calendar for a listing of events throughout metro Atlanta.

Photos by Michael Jacobs

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