Judgment in Heaven
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Judgment in Heaven

I had a dream about how judgment works in heaven.

Any good deed can shift the balance in heaven.
Any good deed can shift the balance in heaven.

I had a dream about how judgment works in heaven. The dream told me what happens when you die and go to heaven. Once you die, your soul rises up and you move up to meet your maker. Now, the more sins you have, the less you move up. These sins weigh you down and you just can’t move up. They are weights on you and you are not as buoyant as some other people who have lived a more ethical life.

When you meet your maker, however high you get, He knows all the good that you have done, along with the sins that you have committed. You don’t know it, but there is Heavenly money you will receive for all the good that you have done. For example, if you helped someone, just a little, like opening a door, you might get a dollar in heavenly money. If you taught someone, you might get a dollar a day for doing that, and the money can really add up. If you saved someone’s life, you might get $10,000 in heavenly money, so the money does begin to roll in. Your maker will review all the good that you have done at first and give you every heavenly dollar that you are worth from the moment you were born to the day that you die.

But after that, your maker starts having you pay for all the sins that you committed. For example, lying, just a small white lie, might cost you $10; missing an appointment might cost you $25; and hurting someone emotionally or physically might cost you $1,000. Now if you killed someone, that might cost you $1 million. So, you start paying out all the heavenly money you received from the good that you did, and if at the end of all the sins you committed you still have money left over, then you are welcomed into heaven. But if you have to pay out more money for your sins than the money you received for the good that you did, then you have to return to earth as a new person to try to do some more good, so you can get to heaven as your second person. Imagine if you are a mafia person. You might have to have many, many lives to ever get to heaven. That’s just the way it is.

Of course, you don’t know what a good deed is worth, and whether visiting the sick is worth more than giving charity, for example. You don’t know how much a sin will cost, whether stealing is more expensive than lying, for example. Therefore, you have to treat each good deed as adding to your heavenly money, and each sin as reducing your heavenly money. Since you don’t know how much a particular good deed or a sin is worth, the safe position is to treat them all with equal measure. All good deeds are to be given equal worth, and all sins generate an equal penalty in heaven. Without any other knowledge, that is the best strategy.

At each point in your life, you don’t know if you have more good deeds than sins. Some people believe that being born is a good deed in its own right, and you start with some positive money. Other people may believe that you are born into sin, and you start life owing money. If you believe the latter, then for sure you should be doing good deeds to at least make up for starting life in sin. In either case, you must focus on doing good deeds because you know that over a lifetime you are bound to commit a number of sins. Just keep them to a minimum.

Given that at any point in your life you don’t know whether you have more heavenly money from your good deeds or owe more heavenly money for your sins, you should act as though you have an equal amount of good deeds and sins, and the decision you make right now can tip the balance in favor of good deeds. In this way, you will always lean toward doing the right thing to be sure you have enough heavenly money in front of your maker to cover all the sins you committed.

The bottom line: Any good deed can shift the balance in heaven.

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