Innovators: Michelle Krebs Levy

Innovators: Michelle Krebs Levy

Michelle Krebs Levyfounder and CEO, The Sixth Point

As a young professional, Levy struggled to find a place in the Atlanta Jewish community and found that many friends felt the same way. With encouragement from friends and family, Levy created The Sixth Point to connect Jewish young professionals.

The Sixth Point had its first event in July 2013. Word spread, and the organization has grown steadily.

Levy strives to transcend traditional meet-and-greets by creating engaging and fun events. The organization’s success can be attributed to its sincerity: It was conceived to create meaningful experiences for Jews in their 20s, 30s and 40s and serves only that purpose through monthly events.

Most recently, young Jewish adults spent the afternoon June 28 floating along the Chattahoochee on tubes.

In addition to her work with The Sixth Point, Levy has served as program director at Camp Barney Medintz, marketing and events manager at Camp Twin Lakes, and program director at the University of North Carolina’s Hillel. She also was recognized at BBYO’s International Convention in February for her work as a BBG chapter adviser.

With her understanding of young adults, Levy leads an organization that makes Judaism a more engaging source of Jewish guidance and friendship.

“We’re not trying to groom future board members,” Levy said. “We’re not soliciting donations. We’re not having these events as a means to an end. We are getting people together to have meaningful Jewish experiences.”

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