Immerse Yourself in all Five Senses this New Year
OpinionsRosh Hashanah 5779

Immerse Yourself in all Five Senses this New Year

Barbara LeNoble is executive director of Metro Atlanta Community Mikvah (MACoM)

Barbara LeNoble
Barbara LeNoble

I challenge you to experience all five senses in New Year 5779 — smell, taste, touch, sight and sound.

Let’s start!

You’re busy preparing for the holidays, pulling out longstanding recipes for chicken liver, brisket, kugel … maybe a honey and apple strudel. The family waits in anticipation, kitchen aromas envelope your home and family and friends feast on a robust meal.

Congratulations! You’ve experienced smell and taste.

As executive director of Metropolitan Atlanta Community Mikvah I can say with confidence, that you’ll experience sight, sound and touch aft-er just one short car ride.

We are honored to serve the Atlanta Jewish community for our third High Holiday season. What makes us unique is that we have taken one of the oldest Jewish rituals and reinvented it anew for our day and our time. MACoM is a safe, welcoming and inclusive space for all members of the Jewish community to find spiritual meaning, healing and renewal.

MACoM meets the highest aesthetic and halachic ritual standards. You will see a beautiful, inviting space where trained mikvah guides can facilitate your spiritual journey.

It’s one of the few quiet spaces in the world just for you. Hear the soothing ripples of water and profound sound of silence … all at once.

Finally, the last sense to enjoy … touch.

As you prepare for your spiritual immersion, feel the special attention you’ve given yourself- the slow, deliberate walk down the seven stairs into the warm, still water feels like a dream – your dream. It can be calming and exhilarating all at one time.

MACoM is not a project of one congregation, but a common space for the community. We are the only pluralistic, sacred space in Atlanta.

Are you up to the New Year’s challenge?

Come and immerse!

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