Having It All as Lawyer and Mom

Having It All as Lawyer and Mom


lawyerShannan Collier is an attorney who has developed a legal practice focusing on estate, trust and tax issues. At an early age she knew she wanted to be an attorney.

She says she was influenced by some of her father’s business associates who were businessmen and attorneys.

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Shannan was born in Savannah and spent most of her early years growing up in Jacksonville, Fla. She earned an undergraduate degree at the University of North Florida.  She then continued her education at Cumberland School of Law, Samford University and the Emory University School of Law.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in finance, J.D. and MBA degrees, and a Masters of Laws in Taxation.

While in Law school, she was an editor of “The Trial Journal” and has written many articles on taxation and business valuation. Shannan is a member of both the Florida and Georgia Bars, a member of the Bar’s tax and franchise sections and has talked to many groups on the topics of franchising and business, estate and tax planning strategies.

Early in her career, Shannan made the decision that she wanted to be deeply involved in raising her son. This meant that it was virtually impossible for her to be associated with a large law firm or corporation. So she decided to open her own legal practice soon after her son was born. That was 13 years ago.

Consequently, she often arranges her work schedule around her son’s activities.  This means that her earnings are less than many of her contemporaries and that she ends up working at some very interesting locations: sports practices, weekend tournaments and rehearsals – all for her son.

There are some special advantages and perks that she enjoys.

Shannan says she’s free now to specialize in areas of the law that she finds most interesting and free to work with clients that she feels comfortable with. She’s also able to donate her time with deserving groups.

Some of her clients include spouses of high-level executives, area personalities and a few well-known chefs.

As a result of her unconventional approach to practicing law, she’s found herself in some interesting situations.

Often her son is present during client conferences and he’s now taken a keen interest in the law and has assisted her on many occasions.

Thanks to the celebrity chefs she works with, Shannon has enjoyed some great meals and thanks to her son she has learned a lot about football and lacrosse.

Shannan is a member of Congregation Etz Cham in East Cobb and the North Cobb Business Association. Her goals for the future are to continue to provide clients with the best possible legal advice and remain involved in her son’s life.

Shannan believes that a working mom can have a satisfying career and rich family life if one is flexible, creative and willing to sacrifice income. She’s a unique individual and, I think, her actions can serve as an inspiration for others.

Small is good

Many of the business profiles I’ve written have focused on medium-sized organizations.  In the future, I’d like to highlight some small businesses and business owners. Many of these people are making an important contribution to metro Atlanta’s Jewish community.

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Al Shams is a Sandy Springs resident, a former CPA and an investment professional with more than 35 years industry experience.



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