Grandma’s Chicken Soup

Grandma’s Chicken Soup

Homemade Chicken Soup. A Delicious Alternative To Flowers

What started in the small kitchen of the Poritzky family in Massachusetts, became a considerable success that dazzled Boston, New York and Atlanta, among other areas.
In 2004, Janice Poritzky, a loving grandmother of seven and a spectacular cook, began spreading her divine recipes across the nation, offering a taste of her Jewish essence. Grandma’s Chicken Soup broke ground with her glorious matzah ball chicken soup that fed her grandchildren, family members and friends during Passover.

The idea to share grandma’s love of cooking slowly escalated. The Poritzkys set up a soup shop where guests came to try her homemade delicacies such as her creamy mac and cheese, delicious matzah ball chicken soup, kugels and fresh-from-the-skillet potato latkes. Sales soared, considering it was the only business selling homemade chicken soups, so Janice Poritzky and her children, Betsy Maselek and David Poritzky, decided to take a step further.

While the entire country was quarantined, businesses were shut down, employees were let go, the Poritzky family experienced a different phenomenon that made the business prevail despite the pandemic. It was Passover of 2020 when the pandemic was well underway. The family began sending orange, polka-dot packaged deliveries of its homemade soup to thousands around the country as a delicious alternative to flowers and a warm hug sent from miles away.

Grandma Poritzky

Today, Janice Poritzky is 81 years old and despite the pandemic, she still assures that her recipes are up to the high standards of her kitchen. When other people realized the magic that lies behind the Jewish kitchen of Grandma’s Chicken Soup, they tried to duplicate the concept, but were unsuccessful outperforming the pioneer of the Chicken Soups Joint. Nonetheless, the family took another step further and began branding the company, sending thousands of chicken soup and matzah ball soups weekly.

In order to make the deliveries efficient and abundant, the business assured that every package delivered included at least four servings, so there’s always enough for seconds. The AJT wanted to find out what goes inside that chicken pot, but we were only able to discover the main ingredients, not the secret ones. Grandma adds chicken, carrots, celery, chicken stock, salt and pepper.
The AJT asked the family what is so unique about Grandma’s Chicken Soup. The response: “It is not canned soup. It is not high in sodium. It is not high is preservatives. People say that it is like sending a hug in the mail. It has been a great little business for us and we make it with love. The best delicious alternative to flowers.”

The family has seen success, serving businesses and holiday gathering such as Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah and even the less happy times such as funerals or to cheer those suffering from loneliness or sickness.

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