Free Sweet and Compassion with Every Cup

Free Sweet and Compassion with Every Cup

The Nest Cafe is open for take-out orders in Alpharetta.

Jordan Segal became The Nest Café in Alpharetta five years ago when he was 24.
Jordan Segal became The Nest Café in Alpharetta five years ago when he was 24.

The Nest Café in downtown Alpharetta is still open for business during the health crisis.

Following city guidelines, the 5-year-old café is only providing take-out orders through its walk-up window, and The Nest Café app for pickup and delivery services.

“We’re providing convenience and continuity as well as good food,” said owner Jordan Segal. “A number of people rely on the convenience of having others prepare their meals, especially during this crisis. It’s one less thing to figure out.”

Segal has been running free coffee out, curbside, and including free beignets with every order for a touch of sweetness. Two of his baristas, Haley and Mollie, tuck handwritten notes with hearts inside the orders, wishing the customers well and thanking them for their support. For some, it may be the only outside connection they’re experiencing. Segal is grateful to his customers and staff. “We’ll get through this together, but my focus is on the positive energy of the future.”

In the meantime, nothing has changed in terms of the café’s already high standard practice of handling food. “We always wash our hands, wear and change gloves with each order, mop the floors and deep clean, constantly.” The Nest Café received a 100 on its most recent inspection. “That’s a given.”

Five years ago, when the structure was being prepped to open, Jordan was 24-years old. He asked me, along with my colleague, to feng shui the café. That involves balancing the energy around the placement of objects to create harmony between the inhabitants and their environment. On every space of the raw drywall we wrote his intentions: “To be a place in the community for food, family, and friends to gather in this cozy, coffee home.” We wrote blessings on the kitchen walls, to his staff, in the dining area, to his customers, and by the windows, for those who would eat on his patio, as well as to the community beyond.

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