FOX 5 News Features the Epstein School

FOX 5 News Features the Epstein School


Epstein School
While interviewing Epstein’s Head of School Stan Beiner for a feature on internet safety, Fox News reporter Tacoma Perry became so intrigued by The Epstein School’s blended education concept that she included this in her report as a highlight. PHOTOS/Coleen Lou

FOX 5 News featured The Epstein School in a recent television segment on in what began as a feature on online safety. In the segment, FOX reporter Tacoma Perry interviewed Head of School Stan Beiner, Epstein middle school literature teacher Kathyrn Godwin and Ben Halpert, an expert in the field of internet safety.
As a leader in technology education, Epstein is committed to being proactive in addressing issues surrounding internet safety with parents, students and faculty. Internet safety is an integral part of the learning curriculum for all students at the school, and this will become increasingly more important as the school moves toward a blended education model.
As part of a redesign of the school’s educational approach, the Epstein faculty has set the goals of empowering students to take more ownership of their education and enabling teachers to become more effective facilitators of learning. In a blended education model, technology is seen as a fully integrated and essential component of education rather than an enhancement or supplement.
Today’s children are already wired and connected, and the online experience is a natural part of their daily lives. In our high-tech world, information literacy is essential in building a foundation for success in the 21st century.
On her visit to the school, FOX’s Perry became so intrigued by the blended education concept that she included this in her report as a highlight. She was particularly struck by the fact that even the school’s furniture must change to adapt to 21st-century learning.
“The current education model most of us grew up with was created as a byproduct of the Industrial Revolution centuries ago,” Epstein’s Beiner said. “Blended learning serves the needs of a new world, and we are very excited to be making the necessary shifts to prepare our children for a tomorrow that changes every day.”

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