Epstein’s 2012 Torah Adorned with Breast Plate

Epstein’s 2012 Torah Adorned with Breast Plate


Epstein third-graders read from the school’s new 2012 Torah in honor of Rosh Chodesh Sivan. As part of the program, Epstein parents Cliff and Loretta

Weiss presented the school with a beautiful silver Torah breast plate (choshen in Hebrew) that they found while antique shopping.

The silver is ornately sculpted with depictions of the 12 tribes. Coincidentally, those depictions also exist on silver rimonim that cover the Torah’s wooden dowels, or etz chaim, which the school already had. It was as though the breast plate had “found its match” and was home, where it was meant to be.

Weiss often rescues sacred objects, a very important mitzvah, and thus was honored and presented with a certificate for being a community role model.

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