Enthused and Infused: French’s Flavor Infusers Review

Enthused and Infused: French’s Flavor Infusers Review

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It’s getting to be grilling season, and that means goofy aprons (“Kiss the cook!”), a few singed eyebrows and – of course – marinated meats. To that last point, our friends at French’s recently gave us a holler to offer up their new kosher Flavor Infusers for review, and I’m pleased to say this new line really brings something worthwhile to the table…and your tastebuds!

Now, before go any further, let me address those would-be chefs who claim that marinating is an unnecessary extra step. With the Flavor Infusers, your problems are solved – the entire concept behind the product is to efficiently imbue your steak, chicken, etc. with a delicious extra essence within 10 minutes.

As you can see from the product image, each of the four varieties comes packaged in a squeezable tube complete with a narrow tip that can be used to inject the marinade into the meat. From there, simply repeat the process in a couple more spots and maybe add a little extra on top, set your food back in the fridge for 10 more minutes and…

Voilà! You’re ready to grill.

Then, prepare to enjoy a seriously juicy and truly tasty dish – I personally tried burgers with the “Sweet & Tangy Teriyaki” Infuser, and there was just enough of an added kick that I could appreciate the taste of the meat all the more. Another AJT staffer tried the “Classic Steakhouse” with strip steaks and had a similarly great experience.

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