Conexx: Israeli Innovation Powers Global Good
Rosh Hashanah

Conexx: Israeli Innovation Powers Global Good

Our work represents a powerful counter to those who would seek to harm Israel economically.

Guy Tessler, CEO of Conexx; Kwanza Hall, Atlanta City Councilman; and Nagesh Singh, Consulate General of India
Guy Tessler, CEO of Conexx; Kwanza Hall, Atlanta City Councilman; and Nagesh Singh, Consulate General of India

Over the past few weeks the world has been witness to horrible disasters and adversities. Some, like the horrific incidents in Charlottesville, are man-made. Others, like Hurricane Harvey and the devastating flooding in the Houston area, are delivered by nature.

Amid all the chaos and suffering, we have to admire those who step up to help. We look positively upon the people, communities and organizations that go above and beyond to assist those in need. And, if you look closely enough, on some of the sleeves of those who first arrive to help, you will see a blue-and-white flag and Star of David.

What many people don’t know (or choose to ignore) is that Israel is often at the forefront of providing relief and solutions not only to natural disasters, but also to debilitating diseases, crimes, environmental problems and other issues.

Since the founding of the country nearly 70 years ago, Israeli entrepreneurs, businesses and startups have been inventing, creating, improving and researching how to make this world a better place.

The Israeli innovation that the world has become so familiar with creates education, entrepreneurship and enlightenment. This innovation enables lifesaving technologies and techniques like those used in the organization Save a Child’s Heart, which provides critical care to children from every corner of the earth. Or like the Israeli soldiers and medics volunteering with IsraAid, an organization that provides relief and medical care during disasters, like the ones on the ground in Houston.

The can-do attitude and strong belief in tikkun olam (repairing the world) within the Israeli business community have had a positive impact throughout the world, especially here in the Southeast.

At Conexx, one of the key components of our mission is to help shine light on Israel’s positive force in the world, especially the positive impact brought about by its innovation and entrepreneurship.

While Conexx is the premier America-Israel business connector, creating opportunities for Israeli businesses looking to expand in the United States and American companies and business people looking to access Israeli innovation, our work at Conexx regularly involves educating the business community in the Southeast on the incredible, positive impact Israeli innovation is having on people’s lives throughout the world.

Our work represents a powerful counter to those who would seek to harm Israel economically.

Operating in the Southeast for 25 years, Conexx engages with and guides governments, companies and academia that might not otherwise demonstrate an interest in or affiliation to Israel. Our organization helps to educate and serves as a voice of Israel to those who might not know or understand Israel’s vital and truly incredible contributions to humanity.

Our mission and dedication to Israel are one in the same. Throughout the year, we engage and work with many diverse groups of women, men and young professionals around the Southeast and Israel by building business-driven relationships. This passionate work of Conexx creates long-lasting, deep and vibrant connections to Israel where they might not otherwise have existed.

Conexx connects people to Israel who might not otherwise be connected, and we do it in real and tangible ways that are different from other organizations. By joining or supporting Conexx, you will support not only Israel, but also Israel’s innovation and ability to change the world in the most positive of ways.

May this year bring peace, health and prosperity to us all. Shana tova u’metuka.


Benjamin Fink is the chairman of Conexx: America Israel Business Connector (, and Guy Tessler is the president.

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