Chai Fashion With Nicole

Chai Fashion With Nicole

Fashion Tips From The AJT’S  Fashion Expert Nicole Borsuk Nicole Borsuk

Dear Nicole,

I am a female in my early 30’s and I need update my fall/winter wardrobe. I want to be able to mix and match this season’s trends with my current wardrobe without breaking the bank. How do you pick which trends to incorporate into your wardrobe and how do you decide which trends you should pass on? Where are the best places to buy trendy items?


Trying To Stay Trendy


Dear Trying To Stay Trendy,

One always wants their wardrobe to look current and up to date, but at the same time not every trend is right for every person.  Some of the trends for fall 2014 are capes, wide leg pants, A-line dresses, mod, plaid, and fur vests.  You need to first ask yourself if these styles will flatter you. For example if you are petite wide leg pants will be hard to pull off, however an A-line dress might fit you beautifully.  Once you have figured out which trends will look good on you and if the colors will enhance your features looking for places to get good deals is the next step. An A-line dress is something you will be able to wear for awhile, so you probably will want to invest in this piece. However a fur vest is one that you might not want to make a huge investment in. I found a faux fur vest at Top Shop for $130.  H&M, Forever 21, Banana Republic also have good deals on trendy items. The on items that I am very careful about buying high quality is shoes since they go on your feet and support your whole body. There always a lot of deals on footwear, check out Zappos for deals. Retailers are having a lot of sales, so you do not have to pay full price for any of this season’s trendy looks.

Wide Leg Pants are in style Fall 2014

Dear Nicole,

I just cleaned my closet and found a bunch of things that I no longer wear. Some of the clothes I will donate, but others are in very good shape, in style, even have tags on it, so I would like to recoup some of the expense. I also have some designer handbags that I no longer use. Do you have any suggestions?


Closet Cleaner


Dear Closet Cleaner,

Congratulations on tackling the task of cleaning out your closet! That is one thing no one likes to do! There are lot of options now out there besides donating to charity, though that is a great way to give back and a tax deductible too! One way is to go to a consignment store. The drawback is they might not take everything you bring. It needs to be dry cleaned and usually hung a certain way. Another option is using an app that is like a consignment store. I am obsessed with Poshmark! You set up an account and take pictures of gently used items. Clothes, purses and jewelry can all be listed. They send you the postage take care of processing the payment.  There is ThredUp who does all the work for you, all you have to do is send them your clothes. Poshmark has some more social aspects to it. Once you find the right app you will make money and you can buy some more clothes to fill your empty closet!



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