Book Festival Offering ‘Grand slam’

Book Festival Offering ‘Grand slam’


Book FestAmerican Jews and America’s love affair with baseball will be the focus of a sporty session at this year’s MJCCA Book Fest.

Robert Weintraub, Larry Ruttman and John Rosengren will be discussing different aspects of America’s favorite pastime. The event will be presented by Greenberg Traurig and PNC Bank.

“Fathers and sons, grandfathers and grandsons – this is the perfect opportunity to come and learn about the role of Jews in America’s favorite pastime: baseball,” said Book Festival Co-Chair Marcy Bass .

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Wendy Bearman, the other festival co-chair added: “Whether you are a former baseball player, a budding baseball player, or a baseball spectator, this is the perfect opportunity to gain some knowledge, while enjoying peanuts at the ‘old ball game.’”

When: Sun., Nov. 17, 4:30 p.m.

Cost: Member: $9 / Community: $14

What: One Program; Three Authors

Robert Weintraub

The Book: “The Victory Season: World War II, the Homecoming, and the Birth of Baseball’s Golden Age”

At a glance: In the spring of 1946, Americans were ready to heal. WWII was finally over, and hundreds of players, including stars like Ted Williams, Stan Musial, and Joe DiMaggio returned home to get back to baseball. Wein­traub brings to life the on-field action, as well as the little-known tales of ballplay­ers at war.

Larry Ruttman

The Book: “American Jews and America’s Game: Voices of a Growing Legacy in Baseball”

At a glance: The Jewish presence in baseball extends beyond a few famous players such as Greenberg, Rosen, Koufax, Holtzman, Green, and Youkilis. The stories tell the history of the larger-than-life role of Jews in America’s pastime. “American Jews” talks about growing up Jewish and dealing with Jewish identity, in­termarriage, religious observance, anti-Semitism, and Israel. Each tells about being in the midst of the colorful pantheon of players who, over the past 75 years or more, have made baseball what it is.

John Rosengren

The Book: “Hank Greenberg: The Hero of Heroes”

At a glance: Delving into the life and career of America’s first Jewish superstar, Hank Greenberg, Rosengren brings us a definitive portrait of a man who overcame the prejudices of a world in turmoil to achieve base­ball immortality and become a hero to a genera­tion of Jewish-Americans. As an outsider who rose to the top of the nation’s quintessential game, no one represents the American experience quite like Greenberg.


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