Atlanta Graduate Earns Place with Israel Government

Atlanta Graduate Earns Place with Israel Government



Jared King

Jared King, 23, from Atlanta is one of 25 Jewish graduates worldwide accepted to the elite Israel Government Fellows Program (IGF) which screens suitable candidates aged 22-30 for professional work experience in key ministries and government authorities.

King, who grew up in Roswell and attended the Weber School in Sandy Springs, has been placed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Middle Eastern Peace Process Division in Jerusalem, which is responsible for rolling out grass roots peace initiatives between Israel and her neighbors.

The IGF program, established in 2007, is run by Jerusalem’s Menachem Begin Heritage Centre and brings to life the vision of former Prime Minister Menachem Begin to connect Diaspora communities with Israel at every level of society.

Fellows join the program after graduating college or following a few years gaining experience in their field.

King became a part of the program after majoring in International Affairs at George Washington DC. In addition, he spent four months studying Arabic while living in Oman.

At the Ministry for Foreign Affairs – among other responsibilities – King has been tasked with monitoring American opinion on the Peace Process and devising social media initiatives to foster connections between Israelis and residents in Jordan and the Palestinian Authority.

Together with other fellows from Europe, the U.S., Latin America and Australia, he also takes part in an intensive educational program that engages fellows with the myriad social and political challenges the country faces.

King said, “I am really enjoying the double challenge of living abroad and adjusting to working full-time. It’s been great gaining work experience abroad for a foreign government and working on such relevant issues. It’s important work and I’m given the freedom to express ideas and make a contribution.”

“Every day I learn something more about Israeli society, and my connection to it and where I connect on certain issues and how it all coexists.”

After graduating the program in the summer, King is hoping to move to New York and find a job in Mid-East Security.

He added, “I’ve seen a lot of personal growth in my role at the Foreign Ministry and throughout the program, and have a feeling the experiences I’m gaining now will be relevant for many years to come.”

Paul Gross, Israel Government Fellows Director said of King, “Jared is proving himself to be a great asset in his role at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and he is highly valued by the team he works with. We are always on the lookout for bright, talented graduates looking to gain professional experience and to give their time and enthusiasm in Israel.”

Many IGF fellows return to the U.S. to study for advanced degrees in top universities with others finding work for prestigious firms. Many also choose to pursue their careers and studies in Israel.

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