A Passover Message from Lloyd Stark

A Passover Message from Lloyd Stark

Stark reflects on childhood seders.

Lloyd Stark
Lloyd Stark

My first memory of Passover was when I was 6 years old. We were sitting at a large dining room table. My great-grandfather was at the head of the table running the seder.

I don’t remember a lot about that night, but I do remember my little sister sitting next to me and we just sat and waited to eat for what seemed like hours (it probably was hours!).

Now that I look back, it was probably one of the happiest moments of my childhood.

Just being with all my grandparents and cousins, all the food, all the laughter, it couldn’t get any better than that.

50 years later: Now that I have a family, I realize they are the reason I feel liberated.

I feel like anything is possible. Whether I am right or wrong, happy or sad, up or down, my family is always there for me and I will never forget it!   

Happy Passover!

Lloyd Stark is an account manager.

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