60 Weber Grads Kick Off Graduation Season

60 Weber Grads Kick Off Graduation Season

NEWS-Weber chorus2
Miriam Goodfriend, Rachel Colonomos and Jennifer Freedman sing for their fellow members of the Weber School Class of 2015 at graduation Sunday, May 17, at Georgia Tech’s Ferst Center. – Photos by Michael Jacobs

Weber’s class of 2015 officially graduated May 17 at Georgia Tech’s Ferst Center.

The Weber School Class of 2015

Amanda Meryl Abes, daughter of Julie and David Abes

Joeli Lauren Alpern, daughter of Amy and Howard Alpern

Eden Nicole Axler, daughter of Louise Short and Joel Axler

Jacob Harry Banov, son of Lisa Mislow Banov and Michael David Banov

Whitney Hayden Barnard, daughter of Laura Frank Barnard and John Barnard

Michael Ruben Bay, son of Marina and Scot Bay

NEWS-Weber group
Members of the Class of 2015 wait for their final classmates to receive their diplomas.

Asher Samuel Benator, son of Elizabeth and David Goff and Ann Snyder and Sam Benator

Arielle Rachel Berlinsky, daughter of Dawn and Douglas Berlinsky

Hillel Zachariah Brenner, son of Emily Sherwinter Brenner and Joel Brenner

Tav Rachel Cohen, daughter of Elizabeth and Tal Cohen

Rachel Kate Colonomos, daughter of Robin and Ben Colonomos

Jordan Howard Epstein, son of Sharon Epstein and Kyle Epstein

Dani Boucchechter Fabian, son of Shari Boucchechter-Fabian and Zur Fabian

NEWS-Weber guitar
Hillel Brenner accompanies the singing of “Hatikvah” on his guitar.

Robyn Hannah Fox, daughter of Vicki and Spencer Fox

Max Sheldon Franco, son of Leslie and Paul Franco

Ariel Deborah Frankel, daughter of Jody and David Frankel

Caroline Morgan Frankel, daughter of Sue and Roger Frankel

Jennifer Rose Freedman, daughter of Nancy and Wayne Freedman

Miriam Rose Goodfriend, daughter of Kim and Enoch Goodfriend

Alan Pesach Ilyayev, son of Juliette and Vladimir Ilyayev

Rachel Solomon Stack Jones, daughter of Robin Sandler

Jenna Rachel Kahn, daughter of Fredericka and Philip Kahn

Alexis Nicole Katz, daughter of Wendy and Jonathan Pakula and Steven Katz

Talia Gabrielle Katz, daughter of Kerri and Erez Katz

Samantha Rose Krantz, daughter of Camille Holubar and Andrew Krantz

Matthew Corey Kurzweil, son of Deborah and David Kurzweil

Benjamin Scott Lechter, son of Diane Renert Lechter and Andrew Lechter

NEWS-Weber Ilan Palte
Valedictorian Ilan Palte

Samantha Michelle Leff, daughter of Karen and Steven Leff

Tennessee May Lieberman, daughter of April Lieberman and Matthew Lieberman

Jaren Samuel Mendel, son of Eva and Steve Mendel

Sara Nicole Murphy, daughter of Ronnie and Frank Murphy

Rebecca Leigh Nadolne, daughter of Marnie and Brian Nadolne

Sydney Carson Oakes, daughter of Debbie Nelkin Oakes and Carter Oakes (z’’l)

Zachary Newton Olstein, son of Linda Rawlings and Leigh and Mark Olstein

Marissa Leah Oves, daughter of Lynn and Mario Oves

Ilan Chase Palte, son of Gail and Stephen Palte

Brooke Shelby Pardue, daughter of Jodi and Kirk Pardue

Emma Miriam Popowski, daughter of Helene and Mark Popowski

Rourke Rabinowitz, son of Tracey and Danny Rabinowitz

Aviv Shafir Rau, daughter of Michal Ilai and Julie Glasson and Julie and Rabbi Steven RauNEWS-Weber flag

Zachary Steven Ribner, son of Gillian and Aaron Ribner

Zachary Aaron Rich, son of Marla Rich and Scot Rich

Benjamin Nash Saban, son of Hillary and Scott Saban

Abigail Beatrice Seidel, daughter of Beth and Jonathan Seidel

Joni Nicole Seligson, daughter of Janet and Michael Seligson

Jeremy Nathan Shapiro, son of Nadine Becker and Daniel ShapiroNEWS-Weber procession

Julia Coplan Silverman, daughter of Lori and Robert Silverman

Bonnie Alena Simonoff, daughter of Cheryl and Paul Simonoff

Rachel Charlotte Skinner, daughter of Dina Liss and Sam Skinner

Sindy Lauren Snyder, daughter of Felice and Stephen Snyder

Sarah Jo Spielberger, daughter of Jill Spielberger and Lee Spielberger

Ruth Madison Tanenbaum, daughter of Robyn and Martin Tanenbaum

Zachary Logan Vandegrift, son of Renee and Rich Capriola and Rachel and Garrett Vandegrift

Jacob Sidney Weiser, son of Julie and David Weiser

Zoey Elizabeth Weissman, daughter of Tonia Sellers and Seth Weissman

Maxwell Harris Wildstein, son of Angela and Daniel Wildstein

Joshua Morgan Williams, son of Pam and Jack Williams

Savannah Nicole Williams, daughter of Randi and Mitchell Williams

Jonathan Andrew Yair, son of Caryn and Naftali Yair

Hannah Ilana Young, daughter of Beckye and Joseph Young

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