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Thursday, September 20, 2018
Kroger Closes Kosher Kitchen, Publix Delivers
By Roni Robbins
Customers who buy kosher food are disappointed in the change at Fountain Oaks Kroger.
Torch Lighting Ignites 2019 JCC Maccabi GamesĀ®
By Staff writer
Ignite Maccabi was the kick-off event held at Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta.
Dome is Gone but Not Forgotten
By Staff writer
A new marker for the Georgia Dome explains history behind the building.
Business / New Device for Testing Cancer Tissue
By Staff writer
News / Blumenthal, the Ultimate Bridge Builder
By Marcia Caller Jaffe
Music Modernizes Silent Film at the AJFF
By Bob Bahr
Woodruff Arts Center was the hub for AJFF’s screening of The Ancient Law, a silent film put to music.
Arts / Chef Marcus Goes for Southern Soul
By Marcia Caller Jaffe
Arts / Chai Style Homes: Golan Illuminates Atlanta
By Marcia Caller Jaffe
Tikkun Olam: Different Strokes For Different Folks
By Dave Schechter
How the meaning of “to repair the world” remains a subject of debate in the Jewish community.
News / From Hechsher to Home
By Logan C. Ritchie
News / Commitment to Israel Begins in High School
By Roni Robbins
Embodying the Dream
By Harold Kirtz and Dov Wilker
MLK’s speech to “let freedom ring from Stone Mountain” was the impetus behind this momentous event.
Editorial / Publisher’s Note: Change and Choice
By Michael A. Morris
Opinions / Be In Your Discomfort
By Dena Schusterman
Zalik Headlines with JELF Accomplishments and Dreams
By Marcia Caller Jaffe
Jewish Educational Loan Fund event shares stories of Southeastern Jews in need to a crowd of 700 people.
News / Jewish Women’s Fund Shares Longevity Tips
By Marcia Caller Jaffe
News / Braids, Braids and More Braids
By Danielle Seligmann
Cinema for the Soul: New Year, New Programs at AJFF
By Kenny Blank
Kenny Blank is executive director of the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival.
Opinions / A Loan … But Not Alone: JELF Reflections for the New Year
By Stan Lowenstein
Opinions / Passion, Confidence and Inspiration
By Sheila Dalmat
Local News
Sukkah Contest
Share your Sukkah with Jewish Atlanta, enter a photo of your Sukkah to win one of 3 prizes.
Israeli Collective Repentance
Yedidia Stern is vice president of the Israel Democracy Institute and a professor of law at Bar-Ilan University.
Opinions / Reclaiming Our Lost Possessions
By Rabbi Paul David Kerbel
Opinions / To Be Held Accountable
By Eugen Schoenfeld
More Headlines
Lifecycles / Obituary: Joe W. Gerstein
Lifecycles / Obituary: Dory Profis
Lifecycles / Obituary: Jerry H. Love
Lifecycles / Obituary: Barbara Kalin Holtz
Lifecycles / Obituary: Esther Zaibel Besser
Lifecycles / Obituary: Norma Ambery
Opinions / The Second Biggest Lie I Ever Told
By Shaindle Schmuckler
Opinion / Take Five Minutes and Help Your Newspaper
By Michael A. Morris
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