Woodhouse Offers Oasis in Dunwoody

Woodhouse Offers Oasis in Dunwoody

Spa provides guests warm and tranquil atmosphere seven days a week.

Sarah Moosazadeh

Sarah Moosazadeh is a staff writer for the Atlanta Jewish Times.

Guests can purchase seasonal lotions, essential oils and organic scrubs from international vendors and cruelty-free manufacturers exclusive to Woodhouse Day Spa’s boutique.
Guests can purchase seasonal lotions, essential oils and organic scrubs from international vendors and cruelty-free manufacturers exclusive to Woodhouse Day Spa’s boutique.

Since opening almost a year and a half ago, Woodhouse Day Spa has established itself as an oasis in the heart of Dunwoody, offering guests result-oriented body and skin treatments they will savor long after their visit.

In addition to numerous treatments, the spa offers an array of signature services, including the award-winning Minkyti seaweed facial and four-handed massage, as well as soothing facials, nourishing foot and hand treatments, and therapeutic Vichy showers from France.

Seven days a week, guests may select packages ranging from the warm agave nectar pedicure for $68 to the therapeutic stone massage for $115. After driving past Perimeter Mall multiple times, I was excited to visit the spa and indulge in a few services for the first time.

As I passed through the spa’s wooden doors, sandalwood, rosewood and citrus filled my senses, composing Woodhouse Day Spa’s signature sent: escape blend. After confirming my treatments with the spa coordinator, I was escorted to the changing lounge, where I slipped into the spa’s luxurious furlike robe and a pair of sandals before finding a warm neck pillow infused with lavender and flaxseed awaiting me.

After wrapping the pillow around my neck, I was ushered to the spa’s quiet room, designed as a French-style chamber adorned with vintage chairs and ottomans and balanced with cream-colored walls and dimmed lights to relax even the most energetic minds.

Woodhouse Day Spa’s quiet room offers a tranquil atmosphere between treatments.

Before I fell into a slight slumber, a spa professional led me to a treatment room for a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage meant to increase circulation, remove lactic acid and release deep knots. On a heated bed, the spa professional slowly tilted my neck from side to side while making circular motions around my temples, lower neck and head with ample pressure.

Before the massage, the spa professional rubbed a few drops of an essential oil infused with chamomile on her palms and over my face while I took three short breaths. As the massage progressed, she worked her way to my shoulders and lower back, easing the tension in my muscles and spine.

After the massage, I slipped into my robe and proceeded to the quiet room, sipping the cool glass of cucumber water provided before each service. I was escorted to another treatment room prepped for my wild lavender and seaweed sugar glow scrub and Vichy shower. After sliding onto the spa table, I was draped in warm towels from head to toe, and the spa professional rubbed my temples, neck and shoulders in preparation for the scrub.

The tub room is one of many treatment rooms at Woodhouse Day Spa.

The scrub, composed of wild crafted lavender buds, organic seaweed and sugar, was applied to my arms, legs, abdomen and back before the warm towels were replaced to soften my skin and relax tired muscles. A long pole or rain bar containing multiple shower heads then was aligned over the length of my body to dispense hot- and cold-water pressure targeting the lymphatic system.

After the Vichy shower, I was again taken to the quiet room, where I melted into my warm neck pillow and the cinnamon tea brought to me by the spa coordinator. As I rested on one of the many vintage chairs and foot rests, I contemplated my next visit to the spa and various result-oriented services I would select next, such as the warm, spiced mud wrap, organic seaweed wrap and balancing yoga massage.

Stepping back into reality was far from easy after the serenity within my own wooden house. Woodhouse Day Spa is not a place you visit once, but on various occasions, whether for a girls’ day out, a refreshing pick-me-up or a much-needed getaway.

Woodhouse Day Spa

4400 Ashford-Dunwoody Road, No. 1805, Dunwoody

dunwoody.woodhousespas.com; 770-377-3505

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