What the Holidays Mean to Me

What the Holidays Mean to Me

Jen Evans shares her joy of the holidays with her two children.

Jen Evans
Jen Evans

The holidays for me are a special time when I can relax and have quality time with my kids. They are 18 and 20 now, which makes it even more special that they want to hang out with me during this time of year. We get so wrapped up in our lives throughout the year, with work, school and extracurricular activities, that we forget what it means to take the time and slow down. During the holidays we cook together, talk about everything, play board games, watch movies and make each other laugh. It’s really neat to watch them enter adulthood with wide eyes and open minds.

I have been a single mom for 10-plus years now and it is very important to me that the kids and I stay connected.  This is the time that we connect the best — all three of us together having fun and being ourselves. We shop and decorate and buy each other small, but thoughtful gifts. This is my second holiday season with both of my parents being gone, so I cherish my little family all the more.

Fondue has always been on the menu for our holiday dinner. It stretches out the meal and makes it fun and interactive. It’s also a good way to incorporate a vegan child and a carnivorous child, with something for everyone to nosh on.

I am starting to tear up as I write this, so, on that note, I am wrapping it up at work and heading home to be with my wonderful kids. Happy holidays to everyone! Cheers!

Jen Evans is community liaison for the AJT.

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