Weber Girl’s Art Has to Have Heart

Weber Girl’s Art Has to Have Heart

Painting by Maya Horesh
Painting by Maya Horesh

Weber School senior Maya Horesh is putting three years of her artwork up for sale this weekend to benefit an Israeli-based nonprofit organization that saves children in developing countries who need heart surgeries.

Save a Child’s Heart says it saves a child’s life every 29 hours through pediatric heart surgery in facilities in Israel and around the world. Even though the doctors, who come from several countries in the Middle East, donate their time, the surgeries cost an average of $15,000 for supplies, air travel, housing and other expenses.

Save a Child’s Heart treats children regardless of race, sex, religion or finances. “I love the message this non-profit sends,” Horesh wrote in an invitation to her fundraising art sale, “as it has people from conflicting backgrounds working together for a greater good.”

She learned about the organization several years ago from a counselor at Camp Barney Medintz. “I thought it was an amazing organization,” she said. “I wanted to figure out a way to help.”

So the Sandy Springs resident painted.

She has created a collection of paintings, each featuring a heart, and will sell them Sunday afternoon, Sept. 25, through a silent auction. All of the money she raises will go to Save a Child’s Heart.

Those who don’t attend the art sale can still support the cause. Horesh is taking donations at

The art on this page is part of Sunday’s fundraiser.

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