Weber Embraces Tradition, Advances Innovation

Weber Embraces Tradition, Advances Innovation

By Rabbi Ed Harwitz | The Weber School Head of School

What an exciting new year at Weber!

As I talk with students and teachers, drop by classes, and visit with parents in the carpool line, I think often about a teaching from the Talmud: “Education only exists when there is innovation.”

Weber Embraces Tradition, Advances Innovation 1
Rabbi Ed Harwitz

The rabbinic charge may seem surprising, given that Jewish education is an enterprise rooted in tradition. However, as this quote suggests, educational innovation is the core of Jewish educational tradition. Jewish schools must foster dynamic teaching and learning environments where students cultivate the skills and values they need for a lifetime.

As we begin our 19th year, the educational innovation envisioned by our rabbis is alive thriving at the Weber School. From the start of the school year, innovative teaching and learning have been expressed through a renewed sense of collaboration and creativity.

Our faculty’s professionalism and dedication, along with the strong student voices that typify the best of Weber, are expressed powerfully inside and outside the classroom.

The Weber School continues to expand and develop new educational initiatives to meet our mission as a 21st-century Jewish high school:

  • An expanded academic and leadership team, including a dean’s office geared to addressing student needs and interests and providing a range of enrichment and support.
  • New, student-driven courses, including expanded AP offerings and new options in science, math, social studies and literature.
  • An interdisciplinary approach to Jewish and general studies, including new honors-level courses in philosophy, literature, astronomy and advanced Jewish literature, featuring our senior-year Capstone Project with Honors Diploma.
  • A pre-professional fine and performing arts and music program featuring visual arts and ceramics courses, the Weber chorus, a jazz-rock ensemble, dance (beginner and advanced levels), and fall and spring theater productions.
  • An expanded athletics program, including new softball and swim teams, plus co-ed intramural sports and fitness options such as yoga, weight training, ultimate Frisbee, dance team, and instructional swim and golf.
  • The Etgar (Challenge) program, which offers co-curricular avenues for student Jewish identity development.
  • PRISM (Pro-Israel Student Movement), a student-initiated program promoting Israel education.

Throughout the coming year, we hope that you will join us for community events that showcase the innovation at Weber and celebrate the impact of our students and graduates within the North American Jewish community and in the larger world.

L’shana tova — best wishes for a happy and healthy 5776!

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