‘We Are All Children of G-d’

‘We Are All Children of G-d’

The following letter was sent to Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church by Congregation Beth Jacob Rabbi Ilan Feldman and President Larry Beck on June 24.

On behalf of our entire congregation, we write to extend to you our condolences and our feeling of brotherhood after the recent tragedy which has affected your faith community.

“You are children of the Lord your G-d” (Deut 14:1). The evil inflicted upon nine of your best community members serves to remind us all of the need to emphasize brotherhood in our relations with each other. As members of the Jewish community, we share a common familiarity with persecution that results from hatred and racism. We affirm that we are all children of G-d and that we depend on each other to fully ascend our humanity.

We pray that your community experiences healing that only G-d Above can provide after such a tragedy. May your community know no further pain and may all G-d’s children stand shoulder to shoulder in recognizing His kingdom on earth.

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