Watch: Bruce Pearl Takes Over Auburn Lecture

Watch: Bruce Pearl Takes Over Auburn Lecture

Auburn’s Men’s Basketball Coach Plays Prank on Students

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Photo posted to Bruce Pearl’s Twitter Account Tuesday

Auburn’s Bruce Pearl knows how to get students excited about basketball.

The SEC’s only Jewish head hoops coach interrupted a marketing lecture Tuesday, and brought along some friends to create an impromptu pep rally. Students in Dr. Dan Padgett’s marketing class were surprised and excited to see Pearl, Auburn cheerleaders, part of the marching band and even senior guard KT Harrell.

At the start of the lecture, Dr. Padgett told his students that cameras set up in the room were recording the session for an online class. Next, the lecture is interrupted by Auburn fans looking for the “basketball student section meeting.”

Soon after, the class was ambushed by Harrell, Auburn’s mascot Aubie, cheerleaders, the marching band and finally Pearl. The prank was designed to encourage students to attend the Oct. 30 “Pearl Jam” pep rally at Auburn Arena.

“Our team is working really hard to try and make some progress on the court,” Pearl says in the video. “Together we can do great things. I really do believe that we can become relevant in college basketball and make some progress this year.”

Take a look at the video below and see the one and only Bruce Pearl in action…

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