Kaye: Trump Good for Jews, Israel and America

Kaye: Trump Good for Jews, Israel and America

An America that is strong and asserts its historical leadership role will always be good for her citizens and her allies.

Mitchell Kaye

Mitchell Kaye served five terms in the Georgia House of Representatives and is a frequent traveler to Israel.

There are three major reasons why Donald Trump is the best candidate for Jews, Israel and America: He will secure the borders to stop illegal immigration, fight Islamic terror, and assist Israel in negotiating her own peace deal with Palestinians, not imposing a solution.

Today, America is in global retreat. Our enemies don’t fear us and are emboldened, and our allies don’t trust or respect us. An America that is strong and asserts its historical leadership role will always be good for her citizens and her allies. Donald Trump will be that president.

It is irrelevant how many Jewish advisers, friends and family members presidents have.

Richard Nixon, for example, was a raving anti-Semite, blaming Jews as the root of his problems.

However, when Golda Meir came calling for help during the dark days of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Nixon ordered massive, around-the-clock airlifts of critical war materiel. Although we believe the “Guardian of Israel will neither slumber nor sleep” (Psalm 121:4), Nixon was the instrument in His plan.

Trump will secure our borders to prevent terrorists and violent criminals from penetrating our nation with other illegal immigrants. He believes we are a nation of laws, not executive decree. Trump doesn’t oppose the concept of immigration but instead believes that it must happen legally and that immigrants must be properly vetted.

Before we allow refugees from terror hotspots to enter our country, thorough security screening procedures must be implemented. Plain old common sense. Trump has the will, personal conviction, strength of character and law on his side.

Foreigners without a nexus to the United States have no constitutional protections or rights. None!

Keeping Americans safe from domestic and foreign enemies is the No. 1 responsibility of the president.

Hillary Clinton advocates open borders and amnesty. Additionally, she wants to allow hundreds of thousands of Syrian and Middle Eastern refugees into our neighborhoods without vetting. When terrorists infiltrate, Americans are less safe, especially Jews, Christians, homosexuals and other “infidels.”

Before we can solve a problem we must identify it.

Clinton believes that the mass murders in San Bernardino and Fort Hood were mere examples of workplace violence. The horrific murders in Orlando were the work of a lone wolf or home-grown extremist. Clinton ignores shouts of “Allahu Akbar” before the carnage and can’t connect obvious links to Islamic State and other Islamic extremists. She refuses to even utter the words “Islamic terror.”

Her solution: more weapon bans and gun control. If that was the answer, Chicago would be the safest city in America.

Trump is the law-and-order candidate. He tells it like it is, without the double-speak and political correctness of a career politician. He promises to fight and defeat Islamic terror to keep Americans safe.

Israel and Jews are the canaries in the coal mine. The world doesn’t care when Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and their cousins spill Jewish blood. Morphed into Islamic State and al-Qaeda, they are spreading their tentacles and killings around the world. Trump understands; Clinton views global warming as a more immediate and bigger threat.

Trump’s position on Israel has been greatly mischaracterized. Staunchly pro-Israel and one of its largest private donors, he understands that successful negotiations with the Palestinians for a true and lasting peace require a mediator who doesn’t impose his will on the parties. Peace cannot be imposed from the outside but must be negotiated by the parties themselves. That is the only “neutrality” he espoused.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas avoids direct negotiations, letting the Quartet, European Union, Russia, United States or U.N. Security Council try to squeeze Israel for concessions without compromising in return. Not a good formula for successful negotiations, nor the Trump way.

To reach a deal, both parties must genuinely want peace and be willing to negotiate directly, ingredients currently missing. With no daylight between our interests, any genuine peace agreement that Israel signs will also benefit the United States.

Trump knows global Islamic terror is not caused by the Israeli-Palestinian issue or construction in Jerusalem or the West Bank. U.N. Security Council Resolution 242 established a basis for Arab-Israeli peace negotiations, reaffirmed in Resolution 338, and codified a “just and lasting peace” without mention of borders. The requirement for Israel to return to pre-1967 borders or the 1949 armistice Green Line is a myth that hasn’t died.

We all know too well that Clinton is surrounded by anti-Israel voices and Arab money. Who can forget that Yasser Arafat was the most frequent overnight guest at the White House during Bill’s presidency? Vice presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine is supported by J Street, which is widely regarded as anti Israel. He boycotted Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress and supported the Iran deal.

Ephraim Inbar, director of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, recently wrote: “The United States is retreating from the Middle East. The adverse implications of this policy shift are … the acceleration of Tehran’s drive to regional hegemony … risk of regional nuclear proliferation … the spread of jihadist Islam … detrimental to Israel’s national security.”

Clinton, as secretary of state, orchestrated this retreat and represents a continuation of the Obama doctrine.

President Donald J. Trump will reverse this weakness. His priorities to secure our borders and fight terror will benefit our allies and all Americans.

Mitchell Kaye served five terms in the Georgia House of Representatives and is a frequent traveler to Israel.

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