Jewish Time: Jill Savitt Talks About Civil and Global Human Rights

CEO of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights discusses civil and global human rights during this difficult time of global conflicts and protests.

August 4, 2020, 3:17 pm

Jewish Time: A Jewish Perspective on Protests and the Pandemic

Dr. Paul Root Wolpe discusses the sociology involved in our current state of protest during COVID-19, and the ethical responsibility the Jewish people has in it's response to it.

Jewish Time: Real Estate During COVID-19

Buying and selling homes in Atlanta during the COVID-19 Coronavius health crisis.

Jewish Time: Randy Kessler Notes Divorces Ramp Up

Divorce attorney discusses how couples trapped at home could have increased discord and offers hope for a return to normalcy.

Jewish Time: Safeguarding Our Seniors

Harley Tabak said Jewish HomeLife is trying to protect the safety of its residents. He believes restrictions could be emotionally challenging for both residents and families.

Jewish Time: Featuring Bob Bahr

Jewish Time Podcast is brought to you by the Atlanta Jewish Times. This discuss features Bob Bahr and a continued conversation about the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival.