Theming Your Party Right

Theming Your Party Right


When considering the appropriate mood and theme of your next party, you need to do some planning. You’ll want to begin with these four key elements: who, what, where and why?

Who: Exactly who is the party for, and who will be attending? Is it primarily a party for children, teens or adults? Or perhaps it’s a family party and there will be guests of all ages attending.

Once you figure out who’s coming, you’ll also want to spend some time focusing on the personality and likes of the guest of honor.  Obviously, how you go about your planning will depend on who you’re honoring.

What: Next, you’ll want to focus on what the party is celebrating – a birthday, bar or bat mitzvah, perhaps a wedding. Each has its own set of considerations.

Where: So where exactly is this party going to be? There are all sorts of options: inside or outside; in your home or a rented venue? And what about the amenities – is there a pool, a dance floor, loud speakers or an entertainment system?

Depending on your hopes and dreams for this event, you must consider how much space you will have for your decor to pull off the party you’re planning.

Why: It might seem obvious, but ask yourself: Why exactly is this celebration important to you, your family and friends?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be in a much better position to prepare for the festivities. I’m currently at this stage with one of my clients in the process of planning her daughter’s bat mitzvah; I wanted to know what sort of mood and theme her daughter is focusing on for her party, but she told me her daughter doesn’t know exactly what she wants.

So, I met with the beautiful young lady and asked her to tell me (remove: a bit) about herself, her hopes and dreams. It turns out the girl cares deeply about others and has a real desire to make the world a better place.

After also spending some time with the girl’s parents, I learn that the majority of the guests will be other young teens accompanied by adult friends and family. I begin to form a fairly good idea of how to pull the event together, especially once we decided on a beautiful venue that has a fantastic dance floor.

Based on the answers to the, who, what, where and why questions, I suggested a “Peace and Love” motif for the party. With love and peace signs, tie-dye décor and lava lamps. The parents are excited because the party will be a fun way to honor their traditions and celebrate their daughter, so I also suggest including a wall covered with a collage of photos of the bat mitzvah girl and her family.

Now we’re off and running, and with just a little more brainstorming, I’m certain we’ll be able to come up with additional ways to expand the festivities of this wonderful simcha.

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