The “Pie” Is the Limit

The “Pie” Is the Limit


p11 food for thought TPP logoFrom bridie to knish, empanadas to pasties, pie has been a part of every major civilization across the globe since ancient Egypt.

“It’s the ultimate comfort food!” said Ron Wolf, owner of That Pie Place, a new restaurant in Sandy Spring.

Wolf has been in the restaurant and hospitality business for more than 40 years. His resume includes co-founding the Georgia Restaurant Association, Director of Training and Development for Bass hotels and many successful years at AFC Enterprises.

So why did he open a restaurant specializing in pies?

“The world doesn’t need another burger, pizza or taco joint,” Wolf said. “I wanted to do something different.”

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That Pie Place features a wide variety of savory and sweet pies, each baked in a fluffy, buttery shell and available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It boasts a massive 24-pie menu, ranging from such top sellers as Egg-and-Cheese, Buffalo Chicken, Tangy BBQ and Chicken Cordon Bleu pies; to the chic Salmon Coulibiac and vegetarian Chipotle Black Bean Burger pies.

You can even build your own pie by selecting from the restaurant’s menu of fresh meats, cheeses and vegetables. Of course, no pie menu would be complete without desserts; patrons looking for something sweet can choose from the cherry, apple, s’mores or the “Elvis” pies.

And beyond the many takes on the signature dish that are available, That Pie Place has a fun kids menu as well as soups, salads and several unique side items including Cinnamon Wedges, Balsamic Beans and Asian Slaw. Adults can enjoy their pie with a nice selection of beer and wine, and the restaurant also offers catering and office delivery.

Visit us directly across from Costco on Peachtree-Dunwoody for a fresh alternative in fast casual dining.

That Pie Place is located at 6355 Peachtree-Dunwoody Rd, Atlanta GA 30328. For store hours and additional info, contact the restaurant at (770) 394-4743 or visit


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