TFI WORKS Keeps AJC Road Race T-shirt Secret

TFI WORKS Keeps AJC Road Race T-shirt Secret



Organized by the Atlanta Track Club, the annual AJC Peachtree Road Race is the largest 10K in the world and it brings thousands of runners and spectators to Atlanta every Fourth of July. At the end of the race, runners are handed a gift bag that contains the coveted Peachtree Road Race T-shirt. The design and color of this shirt is always a much-anticipated surprise; no one is allowed to know what it looks like until the course is completed. 

Keeping this secret is not an easy task. Only people who understand how important it is can achieve this. The Atlanta Track Club knows it can trust Tools for Independence WORKS (TFI WORKS) to stuff 60,000 bags and keep the secret. Its participants have been stuffing bags and keeping their lips sealed for more than 20 years. “I enjoy being able to help the road race people,” said Trevor D, a participant in TFI WORKS. “And I enjoy getting paid for it,” he added with a smile. Jeffrey M, another participant agreed. “I like doing it for the green AND I like doing it to help the community,” he said.

“The Peachtree Road Race project is all about pride — pride in a job well done as well as pride in our community,” said Rachel Miller, Program Manager for TFI WORKS. “Our clients love being an integral part of a project that is central to the Atlanta community. The fact that they are charged with safeguarding the confidentiality of the T-shirt design underscores the significant role they play to ensure the success of the race. Yes, they get a paycheck for their work, which is great, but it’s also great that they celebrate the success of each runner who will proudly wear the shirt our clients so proudly packed.”

Job well done everyone! The Peachtree Road Race was once again a huge success AND the secret was kept — not that anyone had any doubts!

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