TDSA Graduates Asked to Remember Who They Are

TDSA Graduates Asked to Remember Who They Are

Families traveled more than several hundred miles to witness Torah Day School of Atlanta's graduation.

Sarah Moosazadeh

Sarah Moosazadeh is a staff writer for the Atlanta Jewish Times.

Congregation Beth Jacob Rabbi Ilan Feldman has been privy to a lot of graduation quotes this year that encourage graduates to pursue their dreams and passions. But Feldman chose to focus on how it’s important to know who you are.

The rabbi imparted that sentiment to 35 eighth-graders during Torah Day School of Atlanta’s graduation ceremony Monday, June 11 at Congregation Beth Jacob’s Heritage Hall. The room was filled with families who had traveled more than several hundred miles.

“There is no question that each of you is an individual, that each of you has a unique contribution to make. All that is true, but I think what really needs to be known is to know who you are,” he said. “It is important for you to know that because what you harbor in your very being makes you a member of the most unique people in the history of the world.

“It is terribly exciting to know that you have been given everything you need to know to determine who you are and as we send you into the next stage of your lives we are thrilled to know you are endowed with every single power and strength. Use it well, use it wisely. Seek advice from your parents, from your teachers and follow your own path.”

Mark Silberman, the new chair of the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta’s Board of Trustees, shared some remarks about the Federation’s continued support for TDSA.

Over $1.2 million of the Federation’s annual campaign is used to support Torah Day School as well as summer camps and experiences in Israel, in which the graduates will participate. Additionally, the ALEF Fund has provided nearly $30 million for 3,500 scholarships and has generated $200,000 supporting 42 students at the TDSA.

TDSA staff member Marcy Kalnitz presented the Sadell Sloan, a”h, Volunteer Award to Pescha Izenberg, who has participated as an active board member on the executive committee and general board at TDSA. She also updated the school’s family directory and has served as the chair of TDSA generations endowment committee, which helped raise $1 million.

The students shared their favorite memories from their time spent at TDSA, including a photo story presentation.

2018 Graduates

Esther Michal Bolnick
Nechama Leeba Bornstein
Shoshana Perel Cohen
Sara Deutsch
Hana Bracha Ellenoff
Nina Flusberg
Yehudis Liba Gross
Yocheved Halpern
Laelle Rebecca Hertzberg
Tzivia Horowitz
Oriya Khalili
Shaina McGhee
Tonia Minkowicz
Naomi Nir
Rivka Nir
Tehilla H. Oami
Rivka Perez
Gitty Rodbell
Rachel Russo
Mira Schusterman
Laya Senior
Dalya Leah Silverman
Ruti Tkatch
Bella Rachel Winer

Zalman Citrin
Yitzchok Friedman
Moshe Yehuda Golding
Binyomin Shmuel Leib Hiller
Tzvi Izenberg
Eliezer Ovdat
Aron Pitocchelli
Yehuda Yaakov Pollock
Yisroel Rubin
Shalom Dovid Schulgasser
Ethan Zavulunov

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