TDSA to Observe Day of Jewish Unity

TDSA to Observe Day of Jewish Unity

On September 27, the Torah Day School of Atlanta, along with hundreds of Jewish organizations around the world will participate in the Day of Jewish Unity.

That day, Jews from around the world are being asked by Jewish outreach organization, Acheinu, to unite and pray in a Day of Jewish Unity. Their goal is to have 1 million Jews committing to this.

This Day of Jewish Unity is a revolutionary initiative designed to unify all Jewish people from around the world in a day of prayer on behalf of the current and cautioning state of affairs, both nationally and internationally.

“As we all know, the world is so unstable,” the organization said in a press release. “There is terrorism both at home and abroad. Politicians and people in general, are vilifying the constituents who support the other side of the political aisle. Can this trajectory be changed? Jews have historically turned to prayer.”

The organization is asking Jews to: recite 2 passages of psalms, chapters 20 and 130.

Acheinu hopes these prayers can help our world become more peaceful and our country less divisive. They also want Septmeber 27th to be a day when we should all refrain from gossip and treat our fellow citizens with respect. Acheinu believes we need to dial back the rancor.

Last year the organization had over 500,000 Jews united to pray for a common cause.

This year they are hoping for over 1 million to unite.

If you would like to list your name among the people who have committed to praying on September 27th between the hours of 7 am-2pm, visit:

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