Opinion Publisher's Note

Take Five Minutes and Help Your Newspaper

We need to know what can make our paper more engaging, insightful and interesting.

The summer is half over; how quickly time flies. I hope you have noticed some changes to our community’s paper during these hot and humid months. We have moved a few sections around; the layout is more eye-catching; the front cover is less newspaper-like and is meant to pique your interest. We are experimenting with new articles such as “The Lowdown,” just to name a few of the enhancements thus far.

We need your assistance. We need to know what you like, what you don’t like and any new ideas you have to make our paper more engaging, insightful and interesting. Over the next few weeks, please take an extra five minutes and drop us a note.

In addition to the paper, we are constantly updating our website for ease of use, quick reference to articles of importance, and availability of more content than can fit on the pages of the weekly paper.

If you are an online user, you can help us in a variety of ways. First, send us an email. Let us know what changes you like and don’t like, tell us your preferences for content. Let us know if you discover any bugs. In addition, help us reach the unaffiliated. “Like” our Facebook page and share articles that you find interesting. By doing so, you will become an ambassador and ensure the continuity of the AJT into the next generation.   

The only constant in business is change. Our mission statement and core strategy have not changed, but in our delivery, we must remain informative, engaging and insightful to stay competitive and relevant. As we make changes and add columns, we will rely on your feedback to guide us. Everyone reading this column has valuable input for us.

I would be remiss if I did not end with offering another way you can help. A $65 subscription demonstrates to the community your commitment in keeping this venerable 92-year-old institution alive. I promise, your subscription will indeed help to safeguard its survival.

Contact Michael Morris at michael@ATLJewishTimes.com or Kaylene Ladinsky at kaylene@ATLJewishTimes.com with comments and ideas.

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