Synagogue Softball Reaches Semifinals

Synagogue Softball Reaches Semifinals

David R. Cohen

David R. Cohen is the former Associate Editor of the Atlanta Jewish Times. He is originally from Marietta, GA and studied Journalism at the University of Tennessee.

Another exciting weekend of play in the Atlanta men’s synagogue softball league saw three teams advance to the finals of the double elimination tournament.

Beth Tefillah, Young Israel and Temple Sinai 2 have each clinched a spot in the A, B and C league finals.

B’nai Torah Keeps Softball Crown 1
In 2015, B’nai Torah won their ninth consecutive A league title.

The remaining teams left in contention are B’nai Torah, Or Veshalom and the Temple in A, Chabad, Etz Chaim and Or Hadash in B and Beth Tikvah 2, Kol Emeth and Beth Shalom in C.

In the second week of playoffs Aug. 7, nine-time defending A league champions B’nai Torah narrowly defeated Dor Tamid 8-7 to move on to a quarterfinals match with Or Veshalom August 21. The Temple lost an equally close game to Beth Tefillah 9-8 in the winner’s bracket and will play the winner of B’nai Torah and Or Veshalom.

In B, Etz Chaim beat both Gesher L’Torah 13-10 and top seeded Beth Tikvah 15-9 in an impressive turn of events which will see the team get a rematch against Chabad August 21 after the two squads went to extra innings in the first round and Chabad came away with the victory. Meanwhile, in the winner’s bracket, Young Israel continued their tournament dominance with a 20-5 victory over Or Hadash.

The C league playoffs saw Sinai 2 knock top seeded Beth Shalom out of the winners bracket 16-10 on Aug. 7. Beth Shalom will now face the winner of Beth Tikvah 2 and Kol Emeth for a trip to the finals.

Aug. 21 Schedule

East Roswell Park

1:00 – Chabad vs. Etz Chaim

2:15 – Or Hadash vs. winner of Chabad/Etz Chaim

3:00 – B’nai Torah vs. Or Veshalom

3:45 – Beth Tikvah 2 vs. Kol Emeth

4:15 – Temple vs. winner of B’nai Torah/Or Veshalom

5:00– Beth Shalom vs. winner of Beth Tikvah 2/Kol Emeth

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