Streit’s Unleavened Cookbook
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Streit’s Unleavened Cookbook

A member of the matzo-baking family offers recipes to make the bread of affliction enjoyable.

Matzo has remained a well-known Jewish symbol through the ages. Associated with Passover but eaten all year, it has more or less undergone the same few transformations by Jews seeking a bit of variety: matzo brei, matzo balls, and, if you’re feeling adventurous, matzo pizza.

Michele Streit Heilbrun, part of the Streit matzo dynasty, shares inventive recipes for the Jewish staple in her new cookbook, “Matzo: 35 Recipes for Passover and All Year Long.”

With the collaboration of Michelin-trained chef David Kirschner, Heilbrun has brought matzo to a new level of sophistication and modern cooking with recipes such as spanakopita, panzanella salad and matzo tiramisu.

By Michele Streit Heilbrun
Clarkson Potter, 112 pages, $14.99

Heilbrun shares a bit of her family’s matzo-making history in her introduction and peppers the subsequent pages with common Yiddish words and their definitions for added personality. The book is laced with original advertisements and product labels, as well as photographs of Mikie’s family members and company workers at the factory.

With the look and feel of an actual matzo as the front cover, this innovative volume brings history and tradition into the 21st century. So whether you’re planning next year’s Passover menu or still wondering what to do with boxes left from the spring, “Matzo” offers plenty of ideas you’ll want to try.

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