Staycationing in Our Own Backyard

Staycationing in Our Own Backyard

Living in one of the Greatest Cities in America

By Kaylene Rudy

We all know how busy life can be with work, religion, friends, families, and of course our children. It is hard to sometimes swallow having to travel hours to get away. My son had worked so hard and deserved a nice vacation. So, when Spring break came upon us this year, I had to figure out what I was going to do. I really couldn’t afford to take a bunch of time off traveling and I truthfully just didn’t have the energy or desire to drive or fly anywhere. I decided that we would stay right here in Atlanta and I would maximize the time I had with my son staycationing and exploring new things.

Since I wasn’t traveling anywhere and spending all that money on gas or airfare, I decided to book a room at the Omni Hotel. I spoke to the manager and explained that it was a special occasion celebrating my son’s Honor Roll victory during Spring Break and they upgraded us to a corner Suite overlooking Centennial Park for just an additional $50.00 per night. It was so worth it. The room was fabulous and the service superb. My son felt like royalty.

We got checked-in at about 3 p.m. and I decided to park the car and not drive it again until we were on our way home. We would walk or take public transportation to give him the full “City Life” experience.

After getting settled in and exploring the hotel, we went to Atlantic Station for dinner and an IMAX movie. The next morning I had scheduled a surprise reservation at the Atlanta Segway Tours for a 3-hour tour of Atlanta. Folks, this is a must do for all Atlantans no matter how old you are. I learned so much about this wonderful city and enjoyed the Segway. We walked all over downtown while taking in all the sights of our wonderful city. We visited the CNN Center, Centennial Park, Georgia Aquarium, (yes, we have been there several times before too) the Skyview Ferris Wheel, World of Coke, Hard Rock Café and even an Atlanta Hawks basketball game.

I want you to know that it was probably the BEST VACATION we have ever had. We loved every minute of it and will do it again. It was chock-full of exploring and enjoying the sights and amusements within our own backyard. We both came away from this three-day weekend not only appreciating the city we live in more but with tons of knowledge and experiences that we will never forget. Not to mention the benefit of patronizing our local Atlanta businesses.

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