Son of a Bitch: Resembles ATL and Author’s Life
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Son of a Bitch: Resembles ATL and Author’s Life

By Author: Jason B. Sheffield

Just from the title of the book, “Son of a Bitch,” by criminal defense attorney Jason B. Sheffield, readers know who the two main characters are, and they realize that the relationship between the two is – let’s call it – turbulent and troubled.

Indeed, the relationship between the narrator and his mother – both lawyers – is the centerpiece of this book. But the storyline is just as compelling and could be the makings of a soap opera.

Not surprisingly, Sheffield, a partner at Decatur-based Peters, Rubin & Sheffield, P.A., is already thinking about making this semi-autobiographical story into a movie. And, he’s planning to write more books about the mother character.

Last year, when Sheffield called and told his mother the title of the book, there was a long pause on the phone. Yet his mother – a post-conviction specialist – loves the book, he said.

Atlanta readers will not only enjoy the engaging story, but will feel at home in its background, much of which occurs in the Atlanta area. Sheffield, after all, is a graduate of Georgia State University College of Law. Attorneys and lawyer-wannabes will particularly appreciate the legal intricacies and the inside look of the courtroom. And feminists will recognize the patronizing, obstructionist behavior of the good ole’ boys.

Some of the dialogue and sexual details may be shocking to some, but Sheffield says that was not accidental.

“I wanted to spark debate. I wanted to tackle old euphemisms and put a new spin on it. Although it was inspired by true events, and there are a lot of emotions and experiences the book captures, it quickly moves into fiction when the criminal defense attorney mother gets involved with her client and asks her son – also a criminal defense attorney – to defend her.”

Sheffied, a former actor, will speak about his book at noon, Friday, Nov. 9.

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