Smooth Transition at MJCCA

Smooth Transition at MJCCA

The Marcus Jewish Community Center’s annual meeting March 24 marked the end of eight years of a split board structure in which one board, the Governance Board, oversaw finances while the other, the Advisory Board, focused on programming. The Marcus JCC elected a newly unified board under the chairmanship of Douglas Kuniansky, who was the president of the advisory board and is shown with Marcus JCC CEO Gail Luxenberg. The new 18-member board features many other familiar faces, including Howard Hyman and Ron Brill, who were the co-chairs of the Governance Board and now are secretary and treasurer, respectively. Hyman and Brill, shown with Kuniansky, received awards to thank them for their leadership. Kuniansky’s predecessor as president, Steven Cadranel, also a member of the new board, received the Erwin Zaban Bridge Builder Award from the chair of the annual meeting, Laura Dinerman.

Atlanta Jewish Times - JCC Gail and Doug
Doug Kuniansky, Chairman, and Gail Luxenberg, CEO
Atlanta Jewish Times - JCC Howard Hyman, Ron Brill and Doug Kuniansky
Howard Hyman, current Secretary; Ron Brill, current Treasurer; and Doug Kuniansky, current Chairman (Howard and Ron were also co-chairs, of the Governance Board)
Atlanta Jewish Times - JCC Steven Cadranel and Laura Dinerman
Steven Cadranel, current Board Member; and Laura Dinerman, Chair, Annual Meeting (Steven received the Erwin Zaban Bridge Builder Award)
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